Distribution of school supplies to beneficiaries of the Family Strengthening Programme

01 Oct 2019
On the morning of Tuesday, September 24th, 2019, the family strengthening programme of SOS Children's Village Abomey-Calavi handed school kits to parents of school children and students in its target group. Expectations have been met and the beneficiaries have thanked SOS Children's Village Abomey-Calavi for their help at the beginning of each school year. 

The Beninese school has reopened since September 16th. To allow children who benefit from the family strengthening programme, the coordinator of this programme, Mr. Pierre Atimba has proceeded with his staff to the distribution of school kits to the parents of the 485 children of his programme. The other children are apprentice in different workplaces in town. "Every year, we give school supplies to the children who are in our programme. This is a big opportunity for them, because there are some who have not yet returned to school because of lack of school supplies. Today, it is done and everyone can rejoice. As for you, dear parents, tell your children to make good use of it. Make sure that the books we give you today will be returned at the end of the school year so that other children can enjoy them. Better, I urge you to follow your children so that they can work well in class. The leaders of the country of tomorrow are among them. The family strengthening programme is already offering them what it can within its means. It is up to you to make them enjoy it as much as possible. To everyone, I wish you a safe return back home!"

Miss Bénie Hounsinou, representing her mother, spoke on behalf of the recipients: "There are four of us in my family who benefit from the Family Strengthening Programme. The smallest is in form one. Olihab my small brother is in third form. I am in fifth form and my big sister is in Terminale. Imagine for a moment what it would cost our mother if she were the one who should give us these school kits. We sincerely thank SOS Children's Village through the Family Strengthening Programme. We take this opportunity that you offer us to tell you that we will not disappoint you. We will work well at school so that you will be proud of us and your donors will be happy with your use of their money. Thank you so much for everything and God bless you!"


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