Moving the family strengthening programme to other arrondissements in Abomey-Calavi!

11 Oct 2019
After 15 years of intense activities in six communities of Abomey-Calavi namely: Agamandin, Tokpa-Zoungo, Gbodjo, Kansoukpa, Sèmè and Agori, the family strengthening programme reviewed the work done so far. The road was long, but the results were satisfactory. From now on, it is in five other communities that the programme will work always in Abomey-Calavi commune.

On Thursday, 3rd October 2019, the family strengthening programme of SOS Children's Village Abomey-Calavi with its partner AJVS (Joie de Vivre Sonagnon Association) brought together the councillors, neighbourhood leaders, resource persons, representatives of the schools and secondary schools benefiting from the programme. The objective was to make the point of the activities carried out in the field by the programme for 15 years. There is sensitization in the community and in some public primary schools on child's rights. This led to the establishment of the Children's Executive Councils (CEE), which are bodies for the participation of the children, and allowed school children to know their rights better. Moreover, the programme has talked to students on various topics that concern them, namely: harassment, sexuality, juvenile delinquency, girls' education and others. Other achievements include the donation of tables and benches in public primary schools and public secondary schools and the construction of latrines in schools where there were none. To this list of achievements, we must also add the construction of room for the infirmary at the GLO secondary school, water supply and connection to the SONEB (national water society) network in some schools, depending on the case. More than 6,050 pupils and school children have benefited from these achievements, which have significantly improved their living conditions.


The family strengthening programme has also impacted the local community by, for example, assisting women's groups in their income generating activities. This has increased their purchasing power and they have been able to help their children's schooling or apprenticeship of those who are no longer in school.

The 384 adult participants admitted so far in the programme and who support 1,380 children were empowered in parenting skills and fund management before benefiting from SOS Children's Villages’ partners micro-loans at a low rate to carry out their income-generating activities. The reimbursement rate of the funds by these adult participants is around 90%. Because of this activity, families who did not have a place to sleep could eventually buy plots of land and build their homes. Thus, the self-reliance rate of these families is 87%. Today, they are safe from need and precariousness. In addition, it will be necessary to mention the children of these families for whom the programme has prevented the loss of parental care. The programme supported thousands of these children in health, school and informal learning. Among the children and young people supported, there are currently agronomists, teachers, glaziers, sociologists, biologists, welders, tilers, etc. The family strengthening programme didn’t exist unnecessarily in the six communities that benefited from its interventions for 15 years.

Today, the programme wants to impact other communities still in the Commune of Abomey-Calavi. These new communities are Togba, Akassato, Hêvié, Godomey and Glo Djigbé. The local population in these communities will also benefit from the achievement of the programme. Gradually and according to its means, SOS Children's Village Abomey-Calavi through the family strengthening programme will continue improving the living conditions of the population.

At the end of this session, the local authorities and elders of the communities affected by this exit from the family strengthening programme thanked SOS Children's Village for its actions in the field of child protection and strengthening the family. For the head district of Agori Mr. IDOHOU Nello, "SOS Children's Village has done a lot for the development of the children and families in the Commune of Abomey-Calavi. I would like that it continues these good community actions even if we understand that other communities must also benefit from the programme. It can still continue the sensitization and the support to some schools in didactic materials."


Our programmes in Abomey-Calavi, Dassa-Zoumé and Natitingou in Benin enable us to fulfil the rights of thousands of children. SOS Children’s Villages Benin is a member of Children's Villages International, operational in 133 countries and territories.