Launch of the CPPCR project and training of child protection actors!

18 Sep 2019
The launching workshop for the project "Child Protection and Promotion of Child's Rights" (CPPCR) was held on 10th September 2019 at the Benin Metropole hotel in Parakou. This workshop involved child protection actors from twelve of the fourteen communes of the Borgou and Alibori departments.

The Network of Organisations for the Protection of Children in Need (called ReSPESD) organized this workshop. This was made possible, thanks to funding from the Francophonie International Organization (OIF) and SOS Children's Villages Benin, within the framework of the campaign "Benin at the Rhythm of the Child’ Code", thus marked the launch of this campaign, started since 2016 by SOS Children’s Villages Benin and ReSPESD in order to make the contents of the Code of the Child known to the Benin population.

The launch ceremony was punctuated by three speeches. The first was from the National Director of SOS Children's Villages Benin and President of the Board of Directors (PCA) of ReSPESD, Mr. Salimane ISSIFOU. The second from the Representative of the Prefects of the departments of Borgou and Alibori, M. Eugene Agboton and finally, the Representative of the Departmental Directors in charge of Social Affairs of the two departments, representing the Minister in charge of Social Affairs and Microfinance, Mr. Christian Faton, Head of the Centre for Social Promotion of Kandi.

Through his opening remarks, the PCA/ReSPESD, Mr. Issifou, emphasized that this year, ReSPESD was favouring the departments of Borgou and Alibori through its campaign. In this approach, a project had been submitted to the OIF, which by its financial support enabled the campaigning stakeholders to go beyond the activities of sensitization and extension to the point of envisaging through the project, a reinforcement of the community system of child’s protection. “The aim is to promote the rights of the child, in particular to strengthen the capacities of the authorities and other stakeholders, to advocate for the change of behaviours and practices and to promote a better participation of children through socio-cultural activities” said Mr. Issifou. “We are jealous”, he said, of the development of some European countries. “There are countries that have taken early and important steps for their development by putting priority on the care and education of the children” Mr Issifou added. He hoped that this launch would be the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between all the actors of the protection of the children in the two-targeted departments. Mr. Issifou did not fail to thank the Francophonie International Organization (OIF) and SOS Children's Villages for their support.

In his address, the Prefectural Authority, Mr. Agboton, recalled the objectives of the CPPCR project that he considered relevant for the promotion of the child’s rights. He reaffirmed the support and commitment of the two prefectural departments to the implementation of the project in their communes, “because the issue of child protection remains a major concern” he said.

The Representative of the Departmental Directors in charge of Social Affairs of the two departments, representing the Minister in charge of Social Affairs and Microfinance, Mr. Christian Faton, Head of the Social Promotion Centre in Kandi pointed out that more than 5,600 vulnerable children including 200 children in alternative child care centres and (CAPE), 300 disabled, 80 children in prison, were hardly supported or assisted by the Social Promotion Centres. “This workshop will enable the child care stakeholders to go a step further in improving the care of these children”, Mr. Faton said.
After the launching ceremony, participants received training on specific topics on child protection. Indeed, three topics relating to alternative care for children, deinstitutionalization, child protection policy, participatory diagnosis and the Child's Code were developed. All the participants showed their satisfaction at the end of the training. They congratulated ReSPESD and SOS Children's Villages for their efforts to ensure quality care for children in Benin.

The representative of the Departmental Director of Social Affairs and Micro Finance closed the workshop hoping that the vulnerable children of Borgou and Alibori would soon have a better fate than in the past and that people would become even more aware of their child protection responsibilities for safer development of their communities.


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