What you can do

The SOS Children's Villages are funded through kind and cash donations, and through sponsorship contributions from individuals, groups of individuals, companies and associations. The sponsorship programme is designed to provide a long-term support to children in need. Through sponsorship contributions, sponsors not only cover the operating costs included in the budget of the SOS Children's Villages, but also those of all SOS facilities and programmes in one location. Thus, sponsors make it possible to strengthen neighborhood families and prevent child abandonment. To meet the different motivations of sponsors and ensure balanced financing, we have developed several forms of sponsorship and support to children participating in SOS programmes. These forms of support concern the sponsors and donors living in Benin. For any sponsorship from outside Benin, potential sponsors are asked to contact our Individual Giving Services to the following address:info@sos-childrensvillages.org.

In Benin, the different types of sponsorship and support to children participating in SOS programmes are as layed out on the upper left corner.


Our programmes in Abomey-Calavi, Dassa-Zoumé and Natitingou in Benin enable us to fulfil the rights of thousands of children. SOS Children’s Villages Benin is a member of Children's Villages International, operational in 133 countries and territories.