Advocacy for children's rights

Our organization plays an important role with regard to advocacy for children's rights.

One of the most recent actions is the initiative of « Care for me! » campaign. In preparation for this campaign, an assessment of the national system of child protection was initiated and funded by SOS Children's Villages and conducted by an expert, an independent consultant. This study was endorsed on September 6th, 2013 with the participation of those non-state actors and governmental stakeholders that year. The research suggests that 78% of children in child care centres have no legal status; deprivation of food and games, corporal punishment, the use of healers and prayers to cure diseases of children are the daily lot of care and protection of children centres.

The « Care for me! » campaign has the following specific objectives:
  • Influencing national policies and child protection practices.
  • Improve the systems of alternative care for children in Benin in order to ensure the right of children to quality care.
  • Promote "The United Nations Guidelines on Replacement Child Protection" to be used as the basis for the development of national policies to support the child.
The « Care for me! » campaign is being conducted from December 2013 till December 2016 in the Republic of Benin.

The expected changes during this campaign are:
  • The synergistic actions of child protection actors are encouraged and strengthened through dialogue frameworks such as monitoring and coordinating communal committees for Child Protection, networks and coalitions.
  • The replacement care management reform continues through the participative implementation of the 2012-416 Act concerning the norms and standards for foster and child protection centres as well as the support to those centres in order to adapt to the reform.
  • The actors from the child care and protection centres are trained for a quality care.
  • The children participate more in their own development and the development of their communities.

The key strategies and activities to be undertaken are as follows:
  • The formalization and / or strengthening of alliances and partnerships
  • Advocacy toward the government to support a quality care for children through the harmonization of the national social protection policies by clarifying the roles of the social actors involved.
  • The contribution to the strengthening of the monitoring and evaluation frameworks for dialogue with governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations,
  • The mobilization of the social actors to promote alternative care for children in the family or in the community:  awareness and training sessions.
  • Participation in improving reporting, investigation and response systems in relation to child abuse.
  • Involving the children in the process of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the “Care for me!” campaign.
  • The promotion of child participation.


Our programmes in Abomey-Calavi, Dassa-Zoumé and Natitingou in Benin enable us to fulfil the rights of thousands of children. SOS Children’s Villages Benin is a member of Children's Villages International, operational in 133 countries and territories.