SOS Mothers' National Retreat

05 Jul 2019
From 02 to 04 July 2019, SOS mothers received national training at the Herman Gmeiner Abomey-Calavi Training Centre. This training allowed the 35 mothers of the Abomey-Calavi, Dassa-Zoumè and Natitingou Programmes to exchange on the good practices of their profession.

Coming from the Natitingou, Dassa Zoume and Abomey Calavi Programmes, all the mothers of SOS Children's Villages Benin have been living their mother's retreat since Monday, July 03, 2019 at the Regional Training Centre in Zopah Abomey Calavi Benin.

This training meeting aims to strengthen their capacities, exchange on the challenges of the child protection policy context and share good practices. The National Coordinator of Substitution Care, Abalo DADJA, and the National Coordinator of Child Protection and Advocacy, Cyrille BOGLO, are the trainers with whom they discussed the selected themes before taking a recreational outing. The SOS mothers showed their satisfaction with this retreat and expressed their well-being during the exchanges between them.

As a reminder, SOS Mothers are the care providers, the pillars, who ensure the educational development of their children, in particular by encouraging them to develop the values and skills necessary in life.


Die SOS-Programme in Abomey-Calavi, Dassa-Zoumé und Natitingou ermöglichen die Verwirklichung der Rechte vieler Kinder. SOS-Kinderdorf Benin ist Mitglied von SOS-Kinderdorf International, das in Not geratene Kinder in 133 Ländern und Gebieten der Erde  betreut.